The European and indian sex legislation governing EU animal experiments (Directive 86/609/EEC), is now some 20 years old, desperately out of date and in urgent need of review. The European Commission has recognised this and a review is now underway. The Commission has also launched an 'Action Plan' that explicitly states "The final aim is to replace animal experiments with methods not entailing the use of an animal."

  21 DECEMBER 2007

The Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research, supported by animal and consumer protection groups across Europe*, has launched a major EU-wide petition urging EU legislators to do everything they can to maximise non-animal replacement efforts.

Please sign the petition now - it is vital that we can demonstrate that EU citizens are united in wanting to replace animal experiments in Europe. Replacements have the potential to save millions of laboratory animals and improve the quality of research and testing family incest

We aim to collect thousands of signatures and pledge to take your message direct to Brussels at a key stage in the legislative process.

(*The petition has been launched in the UK with the support of Advocates for Animals, Animal Aid, Dr Hadwen Trust, Europeans for Medical Progress, PETA (Europe) and Uncaged.) Protect Content

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