The petition to End EU Animal Tests began way back in 2010 and it was the efforts of the millions of supporters that ultimately brought about changes in EU cosmetics animal testing laws that effectively banned animal testing in the cosmetics industry and sale of beauty products that have been tested on animals. However, we at EndEUAnimalTests.org believe that the job is half finished. Until all animal testing is stopped, until laboratory testing is banned, animal rights will continue to be violated.

Did you know that without the cosmetic industry testing, today nearly 2.2 million animals are killed annually because of laboratory testing and experimentation?


We fight for animal rights and against testing on animals in EU. We focus primarily on the following three areas.

It is only through knowledge and education that the public can understand the cruelty animals have to deal with. Would you stop using a product if you knew it was directly responsible for the death of even a single animal? Only when you know can you decide where you stand.

We did our bit back in 2013 to encourage the EU to pass its monumental marketing ban. Now, it is once again up to us – the common public to force its hands in implementing such a ban on a wider scale across several other industries. Come join hands and sign the petitions necessary.

For all animal rights related cases, movements and peaceful protests held for the cause, we are your single most trusted resource. We provide you minute by minute updates on latest developments with respect to animal testing worldwide so you know what your vote or signature meant.